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Kindergarten at Blue Ribbon Results is a phenomenal environment where students are taught the Virginia State Standards(SOL) in a way that challenges the brain. With a small class size of ten students, the teacher is able to be flexible in integrating student interests and building confident thinkers and problem solvers who love discovering learning and growing dendrites!

Our curriculum is taught using knowledge of 12 brain-based principles and strategies. Real connections are made through cultural field trips, cooking, gardening, art, ballet, music, and theater. Much like the Montessori philosophy, we believe in allowing students to pursue interests and delve into authentic thought processes.

Young Authors Program

2023 kicked off our Young Authors program! With the assistance of Studentreasures Publishing our Norfolk Kindergarten class & Dumfries Pre-K 4 class produced their own books. Publishing provides a real-world experience for a classroom full of bright young students to get creative, learn about the writing process, build upon their reading and writing skills, and work collaboratively to create a book. 

Celebrating Dr Seuss Birthday.jpeg
STEM learning at Blue Ribbon Results Acadmey

If your family is pursuing private school for Kindergarten, Blue Ribbon Results is a worthy selection. Year after year, our students shine like stars upon entering 1st grade. By the graduation ceremony in June, 90% of our students are reading between beginning second grade and third grade. 90%  of our students are writing between the transitional stage and the conventional end of the first and second-grade level. 90% of students exceed the developmental spelling, math, and science assessments, and 100% walk away as confident learners with college goals on their radar.


For a spot in one of our 10 enriching Kindergarten seats, call today to register! 

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