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Blue Ribbon Results Academy Celebrates 26 Students Publishing Their First Book

[Norfolk, Virginia] - Students at Blue Ribbon Results Academy have achieved a remarkable feat by self-publishing 2 books, "God's Gifts: Rainbows & Children" and "Our God, The Creator". The books are a collection of glimpses of how God loves each of us, written by the academy's students.

The book project was initiated by the academy's media coordinator, who wanted to inspire and empower the students to develop their writing skills and share their stories with the world. Over the course of several months, the students worked on writing, editing, and publishing the book, with guidance from the academy's teachers.

The books are published by Studentresures, a free school publishing program. Studentreasures has been encouraging young writers across the United States and Canada for more than 23 years.

"We are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work and dedication in bringing this book to life," said Horace Lambert, principal of Blue Ribbon Results Academy, Norfolk. "As a brain-based learning center, their stories are a true reflection of the Christian values we instill in our students, and we hope that this book will inspire others to never give up on their dreams."

The book has already received positive reviews from readers, who have praised the students' writing skills and the powerful message of the book.

"God's Gifts: Rainbows & Children" and "Our God, The Creator" are available for purchase on

Blue Ribbon Results Academy is Virginia's premier brain based learning center. For more information on Blue Ribbon Results Academy, visit their website at

Contact: Sharina Mendoza (757) 447-0686

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