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Kid & Family Friendly Radio

Check out the Blue Ribbon Radio Show!

School-age children (6-12 years of age) from the Blue Ribbon Results: Perfect Childhood Adventure summer program have been hard at work creating and recording their very own kid & family friendly radio shows! Local NSU State alum Sharina Mendoza (DJ Dinesty, Hot 91.1 FM Morning Show) is teaching topics such as: How radio works; Elements of a radio show; Scripting a radio show; Vocal exercises; Radio history; Equipment; and much more.  Our program includes a visit to a local radio station for hands-on experience.

103 Jamz summer camp field trip at Blue Ribbon Results Acadmey
Dreamteam Events VA in-class field trip at Blue Ribbon Results Academy

We are working on launching a 24/7 radio station for children in Hampton Roads. 

It will take $55,000 to acquire the appropriate licenses and equipment to make our dream a reality.

Blue Ribbon Results Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As part of our efforts to reach this goal, we are looking for sponsors and angel investors.

Send an email to if you would like to contribute or choose a sponsorship package below.

Take a listen to some of the content the children created this summer...

Special thanks to Dream Team Events for our interactive DJ session.

Dream Team Events VA logo

Special thanks to 103 Jamz for our station tour.

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