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Summer Camp

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The Perfect Childhood Adventure

What are your kids up to? The Perfect Childhood Adventure summer camp is the perfect well rounded summer activity to keep your little physically, emotionally and spiritually fed. Sign up today!

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Yoga at Blue Ribbon Results Academy
preschool summer camp at Blue Ribbon Results Academy
Field trip to local radio station for summer camp
Perfect Childhood Adventure Summer Camp program at Blue Ribbon Results Academy

Our Summer program goes by the name of The Perfect Childhood Adventure!

Take a look into the special elements of our camp, and you will have NO question as to why we are confident when it comes to upholding that name.

Divided into 2 tracks (Preschool and Elementary Age), this program is a 8 week long journey of friendship-building, game playing, and memory making!!


Each week is carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression on your camper in the spirit of John 10:10, "...But I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." -Jesus

Preschool Adventures

All preschoolers will be actively engaged in 8 weeks of Literature-based themes, Calendar Math, Social Science, and STEM. 

The 8-week themes are designed to teach, review, and enhance children’s knowledge of:

  1. Alphabet Letters and letter sounds

  2. Elements of Books

  3. Recognizing beginning and ending of stories

  4. Concepts of Print

  5. Concepts of Pictures

  6. Concepts of Numbers

  7. Counting 

  8. Writing readiness skills

  9.  Days of Week

  10.  Months of Year

  11. Science Exploration

  12. Making friends

  13. Sharing - TIE- Take turns-invite-exchange

  14. Showing love for others, and

  15. Solving conflict         


We know that it is common for summer to be a time of forgetting what was learned during the school year. Not so at this camp! Every day, our little learners participate in an active curriculum that focuses on early literacy skills, STEM, and critical thinking. Learning at summer camp is so fun, our campers never want to go home. There are usually more tears at pick-up time than when children are dropped off in the morning.

Early Sign-Up for a brain-based camp experience your child is sure to remember!

Elementary School Adventures

We've changed things up a bit, and we want YOU to join the revolution. Students will experience classical stories from the Children’s Bible. They will study characters, memorize scriptures, and role-play.

The theme scripture for our elementary school campers is Acts 20:35, "...It is more blessed to give than to receive." Children enrolled in our summer camp program are going to spend their summer getting equipped to change the world. Through SPORTS, COMMUNITY SERVICE, HISTORY LESSONS, and DAILY DEVOTIONALS, our goal is for each and every child to complete the program feeling inspired to make a difference.


This year, our camp curriculum is diving deep into the world of STEM! (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)


*Learning the math behind drones and landing pads

*Chemical Reactions

*Engineering Earthquake Resistant Structures

*Challenges that engage campers in critical thinking

....and so much more!

What is everyone saying?

"Blue Ribbon gives special attention to my daughter's individual needs. She thrives at the summer camp and looks forward to attending every year." -Tamishia, Hampton, VA

"This is the best camp ever!" -Noah and Lleyton, Yorktown, VA

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time at Blue Ribbon.  The staff was always courteous with me and engaging with the campers. Thanks for such a great experience and for such as wonderful environment for my child." - Thomas, Norfolk, VA

"My sons, Manuel and Jonathan, said it was the best summer camp they have ever been to. They love the fact that they get to participate in different types of sports. They loved the fact that they got to raise money for the troops at the car wash and pass out goodie bags to the homeless. The boys was mostly excited about the trip to Hampton University to tour the museum. They will only choose Blue Ribbon Results for their summer fun experiences. My daughter Reyna loved her [preschool] experience as well. She was able to apply what she learned during the school year to her daily class and activities which prepared her for the upcoming school year. Wonderful camp!

On a parental note, I feel that the camp allowed them to feel selfless. It builds leadership, stewardship and care for their community. It produced character within them, while all along the main focus was on GOD. I love this summer camp. They will only go to this camp while they are still of the age to do so." - Carla, Norfolk, VA

"Blue Ribbon Results has been a blessing to our family. I can honestly say I have peace of mind each day while I'm at work and my daughter is in the care of someone other than her parents. The staff at Blue Ribbon are amazing, they truly have a passion for teaching and nurturing the minds of children. I can say that because I see the excitement in my daughter each day when I leave her and pick her up. She has learned so much the past couple of years, academically and spiritually ... I have even seen improvement in her personality, from being a shy and quiet little girl to now delivering hugs to all her friends and teachers each time she says hello and good bye, she's learned to play well with others and has learned about respect and the love of God...I mean I can go on forever about all the things I love and appreciate... I am very pleased and proud to say that my Daughter Lily is a student at Blue Ribbon Result." -Carolina, Virginia Beach, VA

 "School is out and the question is always what do I with my son? As a single mom Attending Blue Ribbon Summer Camp was the best decision for my son. Not only is his physical needs taken care of along with action packed adventures, but his spiritual needs are met as well. Blue Ribbon is always my first choice."  - Kim, Virginia Beach, VA

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