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Pascual Family testimonial at Blue Ribbon Results Academy

Ray and Charmaine P.

“Blue Ribbon Results has a truly nurturing environment that provides quality academic education for our children. With the small and intimate class sizes, it felt like we were dropping off our children to family. Coupled with foundational biblical teachings, Blue Ribbon also teaches our children how to be great citizens. When our oldest daughter transitioned from Blue Ribbon’s kindergarten to Virginia Beach public school system, she was required to be assessed. The assessment results showed her reading and comprehension was at a second-grade level. Our daughter also regularly receives positive comments from her teachers on how she is always a caring and respectful classmate. It is also comforting to know that what we’re teaching at home with scripture carries over at Blue Ribbon. It was evident that Blue Ribbon gave our first daughter a head start in school, and we trust that Blue Ribbon will have the same result for our second daughter.”


“I love that Blue Ribbon Results teachers would always help me along the way by correcting us with love, and showing us how to forgive. They are all so caring, loving, helpful, and willing to help us when we need it.” Chayce P, Grade 3

Kimberly W.

“Blue Ribbon Results changed my son Bryce, Spiritual and Educational outlook when he started attending at 2.5 years old. His knowledge of God’s word grew through active play and hands-on learning. Blue Ribbon became a partner with me in his love for God. Educationally, Bryce received the early foundations of math, reading, and science that would later score him off the charts in public school, and give him an advancement over his classmates. The education and spiritual help Blue Ribbon gave my son has set him for a lifetime of higher learning with excellence.”

Dwayne B.

At Blue Ribbon Results Preschool, the teachers treated our son Immanuel like he was their son.  It was remarkable to witness teachers who seemed so invested in our child’s development. In each conversation with the lead teacher, she would update us on his development and how they plan on helping him progress. The curriculum is awesome. Our son has not only become comfortable reading, but is now reading at a second grade level before even going to kindergarten. Not only did they help him in his education, but they also trained him and the other kids with important life skills – mannerisms, being independent, and having proper attitudes. Indeed it has built their confidence. And the kids seemed to have had so much fun through it all. We feel so privileged that our son was able to participate in a program such as this.

Blai Family testimonial at Blue Ribbon Results Academy

Frederico & Jenny L.

If you’re looking for a preschool for your children, I HIGHLY recommend Blue Ribbon Results. I am not exaggerating when I say this: within a week of attendance (one week), my son has grown leaps and bounds… As parents, this was the BEST decision we could have made. I’m an educator, so I would not just say this. The changes in him are real, his cognitive development has accelerated, his behavior, speech & interaction have rapidly grown noticeably and he comes home HAPPY.

Because of some prior experiences, we briefly came close to thinking he was a problem child or had a learning disability… Those fears have been completely dispelled and we cannot be more grateful to the Blue Ribbon Results program for that.
I’m not bluffing, check them out! Tell them I sent you! (I don’t get any referral perks BTW).

Investing in your child’s future is priceless.


“Blue Ribbon Results is a great school. When I see how it has transformed my children’s life, I am glad I made that choice for them. They love God. They are at the top of their classes. They are taught to be diligent about their work. I never have to remind them to do their homework. It was a great lesson in faithfulness and trust for me. God always provided.”

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